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My name is Joy.

I’m an introvert who has made a living as a marketing professional.

I won’t claim to be a marketing guru.¬†However, I am a marketing generalist with a depth and breadth of successful experience from working with creative entrepreneurs, authors, startups and large corporations in a variety of marketing roles.

I have a deep appreciation for how hard it is to make things happen for your business, even if you love what you do. And I believe that you don’t need to scream, shout or compromise your integrity to reach people who need what you have to offer.

I don’t believe that you need to change who you are to effectively market your business.

I help entrepreneurs fall in love with their businesses. I get clients excited about what is possible and doable, so¬†they can communicate it in a way that’s sensible, compelling and works with who they are right now.


more about me:
appreciator. business explorer. connector of people and ideas. creative contemplative. workshop and retreat junkie. seeker of solitude and silence. scanner/Renaissance soul. bibliophile. gardener. wanderluster. aspiring homesteader. cat herder. assistant bee rancher. hen mother. nerd.

P.S. Thanks to Jillian Kay Photography for the headshot!